Abi writes about science, society, the sea, and everything in between.

She grew from the limestone of Yorkshire up towards rain-swollen clouds, cultivating a healthy appreciation of the sun – and an eye for stories untold.

Abi followed a fascination with science first to Sheffield, to pursue a BSc in Zoology. But after studying the behaviour of creatures from pufferfish to hermit crabs, she realized that she was less a scientist than a writer.

She pursued this calling across the Atlantic Ocean, to the western side of Canada, where rainclouds cast a familiar grey glow over a rugged panorama of sea and sky. In Vancouver, B.C., she graduated with a master’s degree in journalism.

Abi’s journalism has taken her from the coastline of B.C. to the shores of Senegal and The Gambia. She has covered stories from beachcombing and sea sponges to a global investigation into the trade of fish meal.

Abi is currently living in Toronto, where she is an editorial fellow at The Walrus.

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